The basic parts of the Balmorel model code constitute a representation of the main functionalities of the electricity and heat energy system. For this, Balmorel is implemented as a mainly linear programming optimisation problem. For many applications, this will be sufficient. However, according to specific requirements of an analysis some features may be missing. Hence, the Balmorel model contains also mixed integer and quadratic terms.

Since the Balmorel model is provided with source code under open source conditions, any user may add the needed functionalities. The model code is prepared for this, and a systematic way of including and applying such enhancements, called addons, is prepared.

The mechanism of addons greatly enhances the applicability and versatility of the Balmorel model. Users will be able to make new addons, and they may activate or deactivate already existing addons to use precisely the model that is needed for a specific project.

Users that have developed a new addon are encouraged to share it with other Balmorel users through this website. Use Contact person to get more information.

Most addons are provided and (depending on developer) documented as integral parts of the Balmorel main source code.

Some addons will change the model from linear type to some other, e.g., mixed integer linear programming or quadratically constrained programming. With such models an appropriate solver is needed according to model type.